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Dublin City Council propose refurbishment regeneration

29 Jun 2011


Dublin City Council is proposing to do regeneration by refurbishing some of the blocks instead of complete demolition.

DCC is stating that "In relation to funding it is clear from Government policy and recent statements that a phased refurbishment and infill option would have a better chance of obtaining funding under either remedial works or regeneration funding than a complete new building project. Thus the Council would be of the opinion that such an approach is more realistic, achievable and more likely to achieve funding in the short term. "

This proposal involves converting a floor of six units into 4 bigger ones and possibly adding an extra floor to reduce the loss in the total number of units. The refurbishment would involve replacing all service (drains, water, electricity, sewerage), removing some internal non-structural walls and adding balconies and elevators. It is also likely that the end blocks nearest the canal will be removed and replaced with a block at the other end of each "u" shaped block. The refurbished flats would comply fully with all modern standards and would provide large and very attractive homes with dual aspect and a south facing courtyard overlooking the Grand Canal.

The layout and proposals are being discussed currently with Dublin City Council. The proposal will be put into a MAsterplan which go out to full consultation with the community before it can be agreed. We are hoping the plan will be completed by December this year and going for consultation in January/February.