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Remembering Dolphin House Day

3 Jan 2019

Remembering Dolphin House Day


Saturday 19th January 10.00am – 2.00pm

Dolphin Community Centre Hall


As the community goes through regeneration and change it is  important for it to hold on to its memories and history. If you have memories of growing up and living in Dolphin House please come along to our Remembering Dolphin House Day.


We would love you to share with us any items that are from your life or your family’s life in Dolphin House over the years, recent or past. A few examples might include:


Tableware - Ornaments – Pictures – Photographs – Letters -    Sporting memorabilia - Copy -  school books - Religious artefacts

Toys – Games – Clothes - Rent books - Small items...


With your help and permission we will record and photograph the item. If you have a memory or story attached to the item please share it with us.


By participating, you will be contributing in a very real way to preserving the stories and memories of your community.


Everything that you bring in will go home with you…


Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served...!


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