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Regeneration News Update

30 Sep 2021

In May 73% of households took part in a consultation to discuss the new proposed Master Plan for Dolphin House. The Regeneration Board and the Dolphin House Community Development Association have thanked all residents who took part in the survey and the consultation during the difficult times of Covid-19 restrictions.

The consultation showed that everyone in Dolphin House wants regeneration to happen but not everyone agreed with the details of the Master Plan that was proposed, many residents were concerned about the current conditions in Dolphin House. The Regeneration Board took these concerns to Dublin City Council and An Garda Siochana and they have been working hard to solve some of the problems that are causing distress and anxiety to residents.

Dublin City Council has reaffirmed its absolute commitment to completing the regeneration to the highest possible standard.

Due to the fact that most residents approved the Master Plan proposal, and because of the recent commitments from Dublin City Council senior management to address residents’ concerns, the Regeneration Board has written to Dublin City Council to confirm that we have agreed to the new Master Plan for Dolphin House and have requested that Dublin City Council progress the next stage of the regeneration as soon as possible.

Demolition of the now vacant two long blocks will begin shortly and the old Dolphin Park complex will follow soon after.

Public meetings with residents in the community centre hall will be organised in the coming weeks to discuss the regeneration as it enters its next phase and offer clarity and information on future phases.